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Many consumer products are heavily regulated by the FDA and other health organizations/associations. How do you feel about that?

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1. Many consumer products are heavily regulated by the FDA and other health organizations/associations. How do you feel about that?
2. At Bath and Body, we value calculated risk. When have you taken an unusual risk in the workplace? What was the outcome?
3. Tell me about a time when you improved communication between yourself and a co-worker or client.
4. Tell me about your most recent visit to a Bath and Body Works store. What was your experience like?
5. Of all the places that you could work, why do you want to join Bath and Body Works?
6. The performance of consumer products relies greatly on advertising and marketing efforts. Do you have any experience with advertising, marketing, or market research?
7. At Bath and Body Works we prefer to hire candidates who value post-secondary education. Do you have any post-secondary education or related training?
8. What part of your career brings you the most stress?
9. Sales performance is of utmost importance to Bath and Body Works. How do you plan to contribute to our profitability?
10. Teamwork is important to us at Bath and Body Works. Why do you consider yourself a team player?
11. Are you applying for a job with any of our competitors?
12. Bath and Body Works likes to hire those who take pride in their work. Tell me about your greatest work related accomplishment.
13. If Bath and Body Works hired you today, what would you accomplish first?
14. At Bath and Body Works, we give everyone the opportunity to be a mentor. Have you had the opportunity to teach an important skill to a co-worker?
15. When you suffer a setback, how does that emotionally affect you and your work?
16. Have you progressed in your career as you have expected?
17. Rate your communication skills from 1-10 with proper examples backing your given rating.
18. Tell me about your experiences giving presentations in front of large groups.
19. We believe in strong work/life balance at Bath and Body Works. How often do you take work home with you?
20. Bath and Body Works puts emphasis on hiring people who fit into our workplace culture. How would you describe your personality?
21. Bath and Body Works wants to know how to motivate you. What work situations excite and motivate you?
22. What type of work environment do you dislike working in?
23. How did you bring value to your last position?
24. We put great effort into being the best in our industry. In your opinion, what can Bath and Body Works do to remain competitive?
25. What are your salary expectations?
26. Do you feel performance should be rewarded over experience?
27. Tell me about your favorite Bath and Body Works product - what do you like about it?
28. How do you deal with distracting coworkers who stand in the way of your progress?
29. Do you see yourself a leader? When have you led a team?
30. At Bath and Body Works we always want our customers to feel valued and welcome. If a customer broke a product in-store before purchasing it, what would you do?
31. How would your current or former supervisor describe your work ethic?
32. How do you feel about Bath and Body Works' performance incentives?