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What annual event does Macy's conduct?

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1. What annual event does Macy's conduct?
2. How would this job at Macy's help you achieve your career goals?
3. Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?
4. Tell me about a few exclusive designers that we have at Macy's.
5. What would happen if you failed to meet any deadlines at your previous employer?
6. Was there any work conflict you became involved in at your former employer? What happened? What did you learn from it?
7. What characteristics did your former manager have, that you found admirable?
8. How do you believe Macy's can improve itself, to continue to compete in this tough market?
9. Have you ever gone out on a limb to defend a customer? What happened?
10. How do you handle rejection?
11. What knowledge do you have of our business and our competitors? Who are our biggest competitors?
12. What do you love about working in retail?
13. Do you enjoy fashion? What fashion trends do you currently like? Dislike?
14. Who are your favorite designers?
15. What do you dislike the most about working in a retail store?
16. How often do you miss work?
17. What designer or brand at Macys do you like the most?
18. Why do you want a career at Macy's?
19. How does Macy's fit into your career plan?
20. Do you enjoy helping customers? Tell me about a time when you helped someone.
21. Why do you need this job at Macy's?
22. Where was the first Macy's store located?
23. Who are our competitors at Macy's?
24. Where is our flagship store located?
25. What was the first Macy's store named?
26. How do you think Macy's could improve as a department store?