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Why did you leave Bath And Body Works?

I go to school in Boston, and I did look into transferring but the BBW at the Pru was closing and that commute is a lot with a full workload.

What did you enjoy about working at Bath And Body Works?

Honestly, I don't think any sales associate position prepares you for any one position. When you're a sales associate you deal with a lot of different things so not only did my time at BBW prepare to continue any retail work I may pursue but it taught a lot about myself and how to handle things under pressure as well learning to treat people with respect no matter how they treat you in return.

Did Bath And Body Works offer you any advancement opportunities?

I was not. It's hard to advance when you're an 18 year old seasonal worker who also goes to school in Boston. There's not a lot of wiggle room.

How would you rate management at Bath And Body Works?

I think it was great. Again, BBW was a big family. If you messed up someone was there to help you get it together. I made myself available to my manager as much as I could and I think it was just an all around good relationship.

What types of improvements do you feel Bath And Body Works needed?

Every store has its quirks and things you just have to roll with, but I don't think there was anything we had to improve on. We tried to hit all the bases with the customers and we tried to stock and clean as fast as possible while giving the customers ample attention; but I don't think there's much more to ask for.

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