Bath And Body Works Employee Review

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Why did you leave Bath And Body Works?

Personal reasons

What did you enjoy about working at Bath And Body Works?

They were really big on customer service. that was our main goal was to make sure the customer was satisfied

Did Bath And Body Works offer you any advancement opportunities?

Personal reasons

How would you rate management at Bath And Body Works?

They loved me. I really wanted to grow as much as i could

What types of improvements do you feel Bath And Body Works needed?

Do our best to make strong customer connections to make sure our sales goals thrived

BathAndBodyWorks Interview Questions

1. Many consumer products are heavily regulated by the FDA and other health organizations/associations. How do you feel about that?
2. At Bath and Body, we value calculated risk. When have you taken an unusual risk in the workplace? What was the outcome?
3. Tell me about a time when you improved communication between yourself and a co-worker or client.
4. ....
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