Chipotle Employee Review

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Why did you leave Chipotle?

I wanted to expand my horizons, I feel I would do great as a waitress

What did you enjoy about working at Chipotle?

How passionate I feel about making food the right way and the best way possible to provide the customers with a great time

How would you rate management at Chipotle?

They were like family

What types of improvements do you feel Chipotle needed?

After working at chipotle I became more confident in my work, and able to work at ease

Chipotle Interview Questions

1. We have some strong competition at Chipotle. What do you think makes us stand out?
2. At Chipotle we put a great deal of value on customer service. How would you describe your customer service skills?
3. At Chipotle we put a lot of pride in the cleanliness of our restaurants. How important is cleanliness to you?
4. ....
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