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Why did you leave Costco?

I knew it was a part time position and I want something more permanent but still within the company because I've grown to know and love the company I'm working for which I don't think a lot of people can say.

What did you enjoy about working at Costco?

Being on the floor and interacting with the customers was awesome. There was this instant gratification of helping them find something or something as simple as giving them a box or a smiley face on the receipt when they were walking out the door.

What did you dislike about working at Costco?

It was frustrating having a rotating schedule and I would have liked some consistency within that schedule but once you accept that there weren't any major flaws.

What did you enjoy about working at Costco?

I interned at Costco with the merchandising department and I understand what it's like to rely on an ICS to do your job so I think that helps me to know what a good ICS has to do.

Did Costco offer you any advancement opportunities?

No, after my internship I knew it was only part time.

How would you rate management at Costco?

I think that at Costco you really are treated as though you are a partner with managers as opposed to subordinates, but at the same time you have that mutual respect for the manager and the company and realize that you are their employee and know they're doing this for you and that makes you want to continue to work hard.

What types of improvements do you feel Costco needed?

In my internship, I ran a lot of numbers for merchandising managers and at one point there was an item that was doing really well but was pretty far back in the run and I highlighted this and pointed it out and it ended up going onto an endcap and it did even better!

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