Home Depot Employee Review

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Why did you leave Home Depot?

To help better myself and grow within the company. Taken on more responsibility.

What did you enjoy about working at Home Depot?

Helping customers find everything to complete their job, renovation or project and creating the customer associate relationship.

What did you dislike about working at Home Depot?

I wouldnt say I dislked, but sometimes not having enough power to satisfy the customer myself.

What did you enjoy about working at Home Depot?

They prepared me with the training I was given to ensure when selling to a customer I was satisfied with the knowledge I had gained. Given the responsibility as acting paint supervisor, and dealing with customers on a daily basis.

Overall, how would you describe your time at Home Depot?

My time at the home depot was well spent. I was always learning about new products, dealing with different situations, helping the customers with there shopping needs and also helping out fellow associates.

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