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Why did you leave IBM?

I left IBM two year ago, to gain more knowledge about the business process, to know how the decisions are taken in the business, and to grow in my career by seeking higher opportunities and MBA was the best option available at that time.

What did you enjoy about working at IBM?

I would say the work life balance was the most rewarding thing I got while working at IBM. On one hand I was able to handle the work pressure in a more disciplined manner on the other hand I was able to provide ample amount of time in my social life.

What did you enjoy about working at IBM?

At IBM, I worked for 3 years, during which I worked on different roles, right from being an application developer, to course ware engineer and finally to taxonomy consultant. Whereas I enjoyed all the roles, the last role I enjoyed the most, as this related to understanding the customer's problem and providing them the best consulting possible which will help them inturn to provide better customer services. This also need more knowledge about the business side of the client which attracted me a lot and a reason for my inclination towards a B-school admission. I excelled in the roles and as the company policies because I was performing exceedingly well, also my communication skills and leadership skills were getting developed at the same time, the leader decided to promoted me to next level.

Did IBM offer you any advancement opportunities?

Yes, IBM do provide an advancement opportunities, they sent people for higher studies but there is reason because of which I left IBM. I never wanted to build my career in an IT sector. I was born and brought up in a middle class family and lived my life mostly in rural areas. I would be more interested in devoting my time in a field job rather than sitting behind a computer desk for hours and that's how my life has been all along. I am not saying that I didn't enjoy the past three years, I enjoyed thoroughly but I would be more happy and satisfied when I would get the opportunities for more interaction, more active job.

How would you rate management at IBM?

Relationship with my manager was I would say was gratifying and pleasurable. I enjoyed a lot working under him, as he has given me the opportunity to explore my interests, work on different areas, developed trustworthy relationship with the subordinates and we enjoyed a healthy work culture under him. Not only I was able to perform all the work assigned to me also I was able to devote my time for further new interesting areas.

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