Kroger Employee Review

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What did you enjoy about working at Kroger?

Getting to know the regular customers and building relationships with them.

What did you dislike about working at Kroger?

Management was not very customer oriented, I would have liked more support when it came to customer service and satisfaction.

What did you enjoy about working at Kroger?

It taught me to respond quickly to customers and anticipate their needs, I learned a lot about interacting with different demographics of people and how to resolve a variety of conflicts.

Overall, how would you describe your time at Kroger?

It started off as a very rewarding job, but changes to management made it overall a negative experience. I would have liked to see more focus on customer satisfaction and less focus on getting customers in and out quickly.

Kroger Interview Questions

1. This position requires you to wear a uniform to work. Have you worn a uniform in the workplace before? How do you feel about this?
2. In our retail stores, we take pride in our merchandising and displays. Do you consider yourself to be a creative person, capable of making an attractive retail display?
3. At Kroger, we firmly believe in grooming our employees into management roles as they show potential. Are you interested in potential leadership roles with us?
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