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Why did you leave Macys?

Because I wanted to work somewhere that related to my major which is interior design

What did you enjoy about working at Macys?

Beside all of the training that they made for us. team work helped me a lot to learn everything faster

Did Macys offer you any advancement opportunities?

So far I worked there for a year but I didn't have chance for that.

How would you rate management at Macys?

Every store and every career has their own produce and functions. so, I learned everything from my managers and produce their desire.

What types of improvements do you feel Macys needed?

As we working with a lot of people every day we are listening to them like what they want us to do or what is the best program that they really like and we can continue that. so I listen to people and try to tell my managers so they can focus more and improve it.

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