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Why did you leave Macys?

I was let go due to a discrepancy

What did you enjoy about working at Macys?

The fast paced environment , I was able to adapt to certain situations whether it was a fast day or unruly customer. I was able to accomplish my tasks that needed to be done while giving great customer service.

Did Macys offer you any advancement opportunities?

I was offered a full time position a year into working with macys. Also during the holiday season I was able to get more responsibility and worked in the fine jewelry department. The year I was let go, if I would have stayed, I was up to become a manager in training for the holiday season.

How would you rate management at Macys?

I feel i got along with my managers pretty well. We were pretty open with each other, so if there was something i needed to work on, then they would let me know of their critic and I was able to take their critic into consideration

What types of improvements do you feel Macys needed?

While I was starting my job, I wasn't the best employee. However with further coaching I was able to hone in on my skills and give better customer service. Able to make the purchasing rocess faster and easier for them

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