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What did you dislike about working at Macys?

Going into the cosmetic industry, I had never experienced any first hand cosmetic endeavors. Having no sisters, or direct females who could potentially relay information about cosmetics to me, I was surprised yet apprehensive to go into such an intricate and diverse work environment. However, through my aggressive consumption of knowledge in my department, I strived to learn all I could about each line so as to relay accurate and factual information to my customers and thus benefit my department and my store. Though the experience was negative from an exterior view in the beginning, I was able to remedy such by striving to learn more, sell more, and be more to the company and the product lines I was responsible for representing.

Overall, how would you describe your time at Macys?

Educational, beneficial, and essential to building the foundation I now hope to construct a career upon within the clinique corporation and the cosmetic field.

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