McDonalds Employee Review

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What did you enjoy about working at McDonalds?

The smiles I get off of the children and making my customers happy. Having mutual conversations and just hearing family happy, is enough to make my day. Even a thank you is a reward to me!

What did you dislike about working at McDonalds?

Sometimes my customers werent very polite, but I still keep my temper straight forward, and mature.

What did you enjoy about working at McDonalds?

I feel like it just got me prepared on how to talk to my customers nicely and how to be patient. Also assuring and being persice with the money.

How would you rate management at McDonalds?

Yes, me and my manager got along perfectly fine, nice personality and really good on giving advise. I would describe our relationship to be a normal manager to worker. Not really close, but still aquintances.

What types of improvements do you feel McDonalds needed?

I did mention to the manager when there were some older kids, around 14 fooling around in the 'play place', knocking some kids over and not being very nice, so we made our place more kid friendly.

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