McDonalds Employee Review

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Why did you leave McDonalds?

I want to further my career and learn new skills with customer service and I think I would enjoy this job more than I do working at mcdonalds.

What did you enjoy about working at McDonalds?

It's prepared me to know how to deal with customers and gave me the customer service experience I need for this job.

How would you rate management at McDonalds?

I got along very well with my managers If I was needing help I was always not afraid to ask and I got along with them very well.

What types of improvements do you feel McDonalds needed?

Well before Mcdonald's I didn't know how to deal with customers, I've learnt how to deal with customers when they are getting irate and I've learnt to talk to the customer, I then let the customer talk and listen to the problem that his caused the customer to be irate, I then in a calm and collective voice I spoke back to the customer and come to an agreement with the customer to solve the problem.

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