McDonalds Employee Review

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Why did you leave McDonalds?

I had a change of priority, which forced me to focus on school since I was a full-time student at that time.

What did you enjoy about working at McDonalds?

This position prepare me for this job by how it helped me know to interact people in a better manner. I completely understand how to talk to people and know how to work with everyone.

Did McDonalds offer you any advancement opportunities?

I was offered to be in charge of the crews. I didn't take them because I felt like they offer me too early and I wanted to make sure all of the crews were comfortable with me as a person rather than a stranger.

How would you rate management at McDonalds?

I got along with my manager quite well. He will often tell me good jobs whenever the business is going great from time to time.

What types of improvements do you feel McDonalds needed?

One of the suggestions I make while at Mcdonalds was how smiling is a good way to cheer someone. We all had a bad day at one point in our live. It is good to be positive in any situations at a work place.

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