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Why did you leave McDonalds?

I left McDonalds as I discovered a position that I felt was more suitable for me, which was Primark. In Primark I can connect more with the customers, and often receive feedback on my performance as well as enjoy communicating with customers and colleagues.

What did you enjoy about working at McDonalds?

I am hard working, and motivated to provide excellent service at all times. I have learnt what great customer service means, and how to keep on top of the latest trends - especially around the high street in Wrexham, and online. I am knowledgable on many attributes of customer service - and I am willing to learn even more and develop myself through this position.

Did McDonalds offer you any advancement opportunities?

No, the position I was in meant that it was difficult for me to progress forwards to a higher position - as many hours of training would have been required that I could not complete due to college studies at the time.

How would you rate management at McDonalds?

I got along excellently with my managers at McDonalds, they were always polite and respectful towards me, and I always gave them respect and followed their directions carefully.

What types of improvements do you feel McDonalds needed?

I improved my confidence, personally, I improved the efficiency of cleaning the restaurant, and I made sure that no one was treated unfairly.

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