McDonalds Employee Review

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Why did you leave McDonalds?

I feel as though i have learnt all i can at my former company and I have an eagerness to continue developing my customer service skills in a more fast-paced environment.

What did you enjoy about working at McDonalds?

I feel working in a team environment is what gives me an advantage as it is essential working as a flight attendant to be able to competently work together in a team to achieve the set goals.

How would you rate management at McDonalds?

Extremely well, I was able to adapt to each of my managers very different personalities and form a professional relationship to ensure everyday was successful.

What types of improvements do you feel McDonalds needed?

My improvements at McDonald's had a lot to do with cleanliness. I made sure each employee knew the slogan Clean As You Go (CAYG) and followed it's instructions. As a result our stores cleanliness improved over the next several years.

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