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Why did you leave Microsoft?

Because of the deal between Microsoft and Appnexus where Appnexus bought up the Display Advertising Business.

What did you enjoy about working at Microsoft?

My career at Microsoft gave me the opportunity to work with the Appnexus console and manage CPC campaigns for Nordic clients. I believe that I will be working with a lot of the same clients if I join the team at Appnexus, I know how the clients operate, and what they will be expecting which makes me a great asset for appnexus.

Did Microsoft offer you any advancement opportunities?

No, I wasn't offered any opportunities for advancement.

How would you rate management at Microsoft?

Great! My managers have always been very helpful, and supportive with anything that I required.

What types of improvements do you feel Microsoft needed?

That has to be the Onboarding Plan. The Onboarding plan is a training guide for new starters. When I started at Microsoft

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