UPS Employee Review

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What did you enjoy about working at UPS?

The most rewarding experience working with U.P.S was the dedication that the employees put into their work and the immediate reaction from customers.

What did you dislike about working at UPS?

I disliked that I did not have the opportunity to contribute more to the company other than my seasonal employment.

What did you enjoy about working at UPS?

My time with U.P.S. Taught me different techniques for time management and the importance of successfully multitasking.

UPS Interview Questions

1. At UPS we prefer to hire those with shipping industry knowledge. Can you tell me what Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) is?
2. There are a few competitors who promise cheaper delivery than we do at UPS. How will you overcome this challenge with our potential customers?
3. Integrity is everything to us at UPS. What would you do if you caught a co-worker stealing?
4. ....
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