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Why did you leave UPS?

I am leaving because I am ready to start my career in the medical field

What did you enjoy about working at UPS?

My career has prepared me for this career because it has taught me great time management skills, attention to details, and safety concerns.

Did UPS offer you any advancement opportunities?

Yes, I was offered numerous positions to become a supervisor but I declined the opportunity. I declined because my schooling would not allow me to take these positions. I would not get out of school in time to make it to work at the time that a supervisor would need to be there.

How would you rate management at UPS?

I get along great with my managers. They are stern when it comes to getting the job done the correct way and they know that I am always up for a challenge.

What types of improvements do you feel UPS needed?

I have improved on my social skills. I used to be very shy when first meeting people and I would only speak if spoken to. Working there around so many different people has showed me that to get your name out there for people to regonize your hard work you have to open up.

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