UPS Employee Review

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Why did you leave UPS?

I am having a baby on the way and with the work schedule I have set out I would be away from the baby when I am mostly needed.

What did you enjoy about working at UPS?

The time that I have spent at UPS has prpeared me in the sense of giving great customer service. Customer service at UPS is a number one priority. My prior job I believe prepared me a lot more in the way I would interact with the customer and assist them in their needs.

UPS Interview Questions

1. At UPS we prefer to hire those with shipping industry knowledge. Can you tell me what Advanced Shipping Notice (ASN) is?
2. There are a few competitors who promise cheaper delivery than we do at UPS. How will you overcome this challenge with our potential customers?
3. Integrity is everything to us at UPS. What would you do if you caught a co-worker stealing?
4. ....
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