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What did you enjoy about working at Wal-Mart?

The experience and getting to learn more about customer service. It's basically learn as you go. In the beginning, the nice customers would give you tips on certain things that they feel works and I experimented and kept going with what worked. I learned how to deal with irritable customers and what to do when a customer needs extra assistant.

What did you dislike about working at Wal-Mart?

The pressure to get apps for Walmart cards. It was becoming too much with the managers on my back every two seconds and I really don't like messing with peoples credit. I still asked for the card but I was not being super pushy like others were. Then there were hour cuts, I went from lots of hours to barely any and somehow the managers attitudes seemed to change after the management switched. I also wanted to get my smart serve and get a job in a restaurant where the work isn't as repetitive.

How would you rate management at Wal-Mart?

In the beginning it was great, everyone was friendly and we all supported each other. In the end, when everything became disorganized, they seemed to cut the bond with the cashiers a bit for some unknown reason but things were not the same.

What types of improvements do you feel Wal-Mart needed?

Honestly, suggestions there were quite ignored. It was either their way or no way at all. I have attempted to make a few suggestions but it never really got anywhere. Though I felt there needed to be a lot of improvements. For example, the debit machines needed to be replaced as barely any worked half the time, then the system needed to be updated to something that shows all the prices of things and what has been scanned, that would avoid angry customers over something that was overpriced. Have more of a reward for signing up for the Walmart card, it use to be a 5 dollar gift card but that disappeared. They need to find something to lure people in.

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