Walgreens Employee Review

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Why did you leave Walgreens?

I'm not leaving the company. I am interviewing for a promotion.

What did you enjoy about working at Walgreens?

Absolutely, without a doubt it would be mentoring and helping others grow. Leadership is just a medium for my desire to make a positive difference in others live.

What did you enjoy about working at Walgreens?

The greatest aspect of my position is getting the opportunity to lead, inspire, and coach others. I get an incredible amount of joy from helping others become the best version of themselves they can be.

Did Walgreens offer you any advancement opportunities?

I am currently seeking those opportunites. I love walgreens and plan to spend the rest of my life there.

How would you rate management at Walgreens?

I have always maintained a very candid and healthy relationship with my superiors. I view my store manager as my greatest mentor and look up to him.

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