Walgreens Employee Review

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Why did you leave Walgreens?

My photo manager position is being eliminated. I have decided it is time to look beyond Walgreens for employment.

What did you enjoy about working at Walgreens?

CVS is much like Walgreens. I bring the experience from this position.

Did Walgreens offer you any advancement opportunities?

I could have advanced to management. I chose not to. I really liked what I did in photo.

How would you rate management at Walgreens?

Several managers over the years. I cannot think of a one that I did not get along with. Many of them have moved over to CVS, I maintain friendships with many. They all knew they could depend on Karen.

What types of improvements do you feel Walgreens needed?

Anytime I saw a better, maybe more efficient way of doing something. I would offer my suggestion to management.

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