Walgreens Employee Review

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Why did you leave Walgreens?

It was a job I applied for while attending school. Its time for me to move on to a full time position

What did you enjoy about working at Walgreens?

Walgreens is a fast paced job that requires constant physical activity. Following technical specifications for displays, ability to receive handle stress, follow direction, know when to request assistance and take direction

Did Walgreens offer you any advancement opportunities?

Although Ive been learning new skills that would help me advance, since I was the least tenured employee I had not been offered an opportunities for advancement

How would you rate management at Walgreens?

I was able to integrate well into the work environment and get along well with my manager and shift leads

What types of improvements do you feel Walgreens needed?

I made suggestions for the POS to help improve the customers experience and reduce waste, I was advised that it wasn't possible to implement with the current computer system

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