Walgreens Employee Review

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Why did you leave Walgreens?

I am looking to expand my strengths and ideas in your company.

What did you enjoy about working at Walgreens?

I have multitask experience with a fast paced company. I can work under pressure with precise actuary. I am dependable and reliable.

Did Walgreens offer you any advancement opportunities?

Yes I was offered advancements all through my career, I just have not been offered the main advancement that I want.

How would you rate management at Walgreens?

I have great rapport with managers and staff members.

What types of improvements do you feel Walgreens needed?

The past year I have been working in the pharmacy area, my suggestion back there was to add more items at the drive through window , for instance the customers can purchase certain OTC medications I added extra children OTC medications to complement their antibiotics.

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