Wells Fargo Employee Review

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Why did you leave Wells Fargo?

90 days temp to hire, it was a great learning experience for me but it was not the right place for me.

What did you enjoy about working at Wells Fargo?

Being able to actually help someone by lowering there monthly payment or IR, or providing them with the cash necessary to pay for desired home improvements. Actually being able to help people was certainly the most rewarding aspect.

What did you enjoy about working at Wells Fargo?

I learned so much about sales, customer service and developing value for the customer. ALso I learned all about the ability and importance of being able to do business over the phone.

How would you rate management at Wells Fargo?

My manager was incredible busy, as a result he was relaitvley hands off, he was very positive and helpful when he was around but he had as many responsibilities as anyone in the building and his time was very valuable.

What types of improvements do you feel Wells Fargo needed?

Most of the SDC's were very helpful and all of them wanted to see you succeed, but one or 2 of them had a style of motivating you that more put you down and discouraged you then anything else, I think a few of the other new hires my have felt they werent working well enough or were inadequate as a result and left the position early.

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