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1. Patient care requires a strong amount of compassion and Kaiser Permanente striv.e to provide compassionate care to their patientss Do you consider yourself a compassionate person?
2. How do you feel you would fit n to the cultural values and diversity at Kaiser Permanente?i
3. In the healthcare services industry there are many emotions in a day. Have your emotions ever been in the way of your productivity?
4. ....
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The coordination of patient care throughout the system.

Job Duties

Triging members, scheduling appoinments coordinating care with other specialties and DME providers. Preparing rooms, keeping are cleaned and stocked.


It was one of learning cooperation and and independence.

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Job Duties

I have managed projects from initial planning through development to final implementation and support. I worked with multiple vendors for various project needs such as resources, infrastructure, support product etc. I managed project budget, prepared project timeline, schedule and provided management with reports on project progress. I worked with change and compliance management governance body in providing my proposals, giving them accruals for implementation approvals. I owned and managed resources, implementation timeline and schedules during go lives as well a post implementation support and post martem analysis.

How did this career prepare you?

I Kaiser Permanente I was working on managing multiple implementation projects for their Healthconnect infrastructure. My experience there gave me opportunity to learn more about healthcare its technologies rules and regulations. I have successfully managed multiple enterprise wide projects, worked with business, marketing and other stake holders in evaluating the market and competitors provided inputs for future enhancements and opportunities. This has provided me with the experience for implementation project manager position.

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