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Why did you leave Adt?

Opportunities and training

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Why you left

Opportunities and training

Job Duties

Payment research, pay my bill email queue and work orders

How did this career prepare you?

I have interacted with customers concerning billing issues and updates to their accounts through email and phone calls. I worked with installers on new account cut-overs and managers in New York to implement new work order procedures so the work orders could be processed in their division.

Rate your managers

I was well liked and respected for my knowledge and willingness to work any task I was assigned

Suggestions for the CEO

I have offered to cross train other team members on daily processes. I also worked with the training department to help create procedures for work orders and payment research.

Advancement opportunities

I tried for a trainer position at ADT but another canadate was selected over me.

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Job Duties

Design, Develop, test deploy and production support.

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Providing security solutions to customers that meet their needs but also fall within their budgets.


Disconnect between products and services offered from higher up to actual issues preventing sales. Overly computer dependent.


Productive from the learning aspect of how to better sell products and services.

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