Employer Reviews
Apr 6, 2009
Work Dates
Mar 2007 - Aug 2008
Clearwater, FL
Work Environment

Strict, fast-paced, unprofessional,


First off the store manager is very rude. many associates have complained that he has yelled at associates in front of customers. One associate said that he has said to her in front of a customer that she would be fired if she didn't smile to that customer. I have been yelled at by one of the manager which wasn't even my department manager. She said that a customer had complained and she said that she was yelling at me in front of everybody else so they would learn from it. (keep in mind that i never had any complaints before just compliments and no one said thank you for doing a good job.) I felt very degraded and asked to go outside and cried. I never got breaks even with 8 hr shifts just a lunch. If's not a place to work if you can't deal with a lot of people complaining everyday. After all it is a grocery store and everyone has to eat, so you deal with all kinds of people. It is a very busy place to work and sometimes you don't have a bager you have to do it all yourself. So if you're pregnant don't apply. Customers in this area are very spoiled and they don't want to bag themselves. Customers will be customers but working with these managers was not at all team-oriented.


I started off with $8 hr. They give raises every 6 months. When I left I reached $9 hr. You get paid vacation and benefits.

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