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Nov 2, 2011
Work Dates
Jun 2007 - Jul 2011
Kansas City, MO
Work Environment

Open-door, political, bureaucratic,


I worked for HyVee for quite a while...as a matter of fact, it was my first job. My family has all worked for HyVee to mixed results, but I was hoping for an experience like my grandmother's (positive). Instead, I ended up leaving extremely unsatisfied.

I will mention that there were some definite pros to the place- I always felt like the door was wide open to talk to upper management (there was one boss who was amazing that I spoke with often enough to consider a friend) and my experiences with upper management were always, ALWAYS positive. I was also able to learn a lot in my time at the various stores and in my various positions. I enjoyed how customer-oriented the place is and how cleanly the customer areas are kept. That being said, I'm afraid I have to list several cons.

I'll briefly mention my qualifications: I was one of the first people certified in a certain area (I'm being vague to protect my own identity), and I was actually double-certified. However, that didn't count for much. Being young, I was often passed up for promotions, including a simple promotion from my part-time position to a regular or full-time one (and I was given that I was "too young" as an excuse on several occasions). I was also moved out of my main department in which I was certified approximately a week after I finished recovering from injury (one in which I worked every shift I had been scheduled and continued to actually do work)...and also promptly rewarded with a decrease in hours. There were several problems not taken care of: a sexual harrassment claim against a department head that was swept under the carpet, a worker's comp case that was delayed and fought against (I had passed out due to a gas leak at the building), favoritism, non-OSHAA compliance, and dirty backroom conditions.

As far as salary, I felt alright with asking for raises (and usually got them), but I've found that's not the case normally. Also, after I hit my ending salary, I could not get a raise or promotion despite being certified AFTER the raise. Though this is not personal experience, I've found many that are near to me have been working for less than what new-hires receive as a starting salary.

Other stores might be different, but working for HyVee in the Northern Kansas City area is just not worth it.


Starting salary: $7/hr, Ending salary: $10.50/hr; No vacation time or sick leave, no bonuses for part-time employees, no reimbursements, expensive insurance coverage, meal plan varies by store

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