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Jan 24, 2008
Patient service tech
Work Dates
Feb 2007 - Jan 2008
Work Environment

Political, high-pressure, bureaucratic,


In my time at LabCorp, I met no one who liked this sweatshop. Get anything promised in writing before taking the job.

This job is all about pressure to perform while being bombarded with memos and red tape. Memos often add some superflous step to each task along with the threat that failure to do this will result in disciplineary action ot termination. One such memo involved stamping each lab order with two checkmarks. I never saw anyone use the damn thing in the many labs I visited or worked in, nor could anyone imagine what it was for. Communications with this employer are almost exclusively through faxes and voicemail. Management is top-down, prepackaged and impersonal. It's not uncommon to end up working without a break because of the endless workload, sometimes long after hours, then seeing those hours vanish from your paycheck.

Here are some examples from my experience, as well as the miseries of others:
Having hours cut from your already reported time worked, because it makes the supervisor look bad.
Being stiffed for hours worked at home to do online training, because it was a verbal promise.
Having major equipment removed from the lab without notice, then being blamed for not being as productive.
Being punished for asking to be paid for hours worked.
Personal grudges and gossip are used to make supervisory decisions,

A veteran employee said nobody gets fired from this company. They simply run away from the plantation.

The day I quit, there were a few others who were in the process of fleeing this nightmare. All were wonderful, caring, hard working people. In fact, LabCorp has many excellent people who give and give, then quit or wriggle into management to escape the pickle of caring directly for patients with little support. Turnover is no impediment to the high stock price. The head office might as well be on the moon.

This could be a wonderful place to work, but it's a centrally planned mess.
I've worked at a lot of jobs in my lifetime. I loved my coworkers and patients, but I'm so glad I left this meatgrinder of job.

One last note.
I've worked other jobs under intense pressure while supervising a team of employees, and I seldom whine or complain.


6 holidays, routine overtime, last minute rescheduling.

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