Victorias Secret
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May 22, 2011
sales associate
Work Dates
Jul 2009 - May 2011
Boca Raton, FL

It was my first retail job ever. Boy was that a mistake, I picked up on everything really fast because you have no choice. You will get eaten alive if you don't know everything about your product in a week or less. I agree with a lot of these posts. I feel like I'm overworked and underpaid. I work in an extremely high volume store 11million a year. I've worked as much as a 15 hour day before with an hour break. The managers definitely just look out for themselves and blame all of the associates if their segment is not met instead of taking the blame themselves. I'm not going to bash all of my managers because 2 of them are AMAZING, and probaly the only reason I am still there other than the awesome associates I work with and have become so close to. I definitely think these reviews have a lot to do with your managers making the experience for you. Credit is way too much of a focus. Sometimes I feel like credit is for the store more than for the customers benefit. Half the time the managers will get credit on the board because they avoid the word credit while the customer is opening up an account thinking it is just a rewards card.

PROS: the 15$ bras, 30% discount, and amazing girls i have met there.
CONS: overworked, underpaid, nagging managers, unappreciated.


Starting salary: $7.25/hour current $7.44 (After 2 years of employment)

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Jul 29, 2011
Sales Associate
Work Dates
Dec 2010 - Jul 2011
Toronto, Canada
Work Environment



I currently work at the Victoria's Secret in Toronto Canada and as im reading the reviews it is quite sad that even across borders it is still the same BS. I have worked with them as a seasonal and I was hired as a "permanent" associate and I have realized how much this company does not care about their associates.I make 10.25 an hour which sounds good compared to the american stores, but in canada that is still minimum wage and it is expensive to live here! We do not get a raise and the few people selected to get a raise only make a few cents more then us. We are the ones bringing in the cash, without us their company would be nothing and they dont seem to appreciate the hard work that is put into the company. The managers are also very fake and favourtism is very big in the store. The pay is horrible for the amount of hours put in to one week. The call ins are very inconvenient because they schedule you to do a call in before or after your already scheduled shift, which makes it impossible to make concrete plans for the day. They obviuosly dont care that we have a life outside of their greedy inconsiderate store. We are always asked to meet a certian amount for a segment and we are pressured over the walkies to harass customers in other words. Its not going to make your customer want to come back when they have ten associates asking the same person if they are "finding everything okay". It is very difficult to move up in the company and rather than finding associates who have worked there for a while to move up to management,. they decide to hire new managers. The associates have no say in anything and are usually not informed about what is going on within the store or the company. I would not suggest this company if you want to make money and have a peace of mind at work! They are always hiring new people opposed to giving decent hours to whoever worked there before, and my store has lost 5 managers in the past 7 months ( that says something). Even the managers know better!


Salary: 10.25
pros: 15 dollar bras, 30 percent discount, 50% off day
cons: terrible management and turn over rates for management being very high, no benefits, no raises, treated like slaves!

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Oct 12, 2011
Work Dates
Aug 2011 - Oct 2011
Middletown, NY

Every one at my job is helpful and caring towards each other and our costumers. I've worked there for two months and already feel welcomed in to our vs family. My managers couldn't be happier to help me whenever i need them. The company also gives you a lot of opportunity to move up. We always make sure the costumer leaves happy and keep the store neat. I've never felt more supported and welcomed at a job. I am happy when i go to work because i know that ill have a good experience and that i can help other women feel better about themselves.


- free top ten
-$15 bras woooh
- co-workers appreciation
-opportunities in the company
- 30% discount

-no discount online or catalog

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Oct 24, 2011
Bra Specialist
Work Dates
Oct 2009 - Oct 2011
Work Environment

Cut-throat, disorganized, unprofessional,


My experience with this company has been absolutely HORRIBLE! I worked my butt off thinking I wanted the position as a Bra Specialist, and when I received it I thought I would earn more respect but BOY was I wrong I pretty much agreed to be their slave when I took the promotion. I couldn't ever request days off I just tried to take Halloween off I got it approved then still got scheduled. I have a child they know I wanted to go trick or treating with him. I explained this to them before I requested off they said they understood then scheduled me anyways. If your a bad employee you get the perks of getting any day off you want, if your a good employee you can never ask for days off without being punished with ridiculous shifts outside of your availability. That hardly seems fair. This company is absolutely ridiculous and from reading these rants I can tell the company has issues and not just my store. I agree with another poster if your store is taking advantage of you and having you do other peoples job that get paid more than you then you should absolutely call home office. Getting scheduled on days I requested off a month in advance is my final straw. I have to tell my child I can not take him trick or treating because I have to stand in an empty fitting room while theres no business. I will be putting in my two weeks and finding a company that can appreciate my hard work. Breaks forget about them, I've worked 9 and 10 hour shifts with a 15 minute break. Its completely illegal. You only get recongination if you open up angels cards, forget about making bra plans. Even though the bra specialist plays a HUGE role in making the plan the CSL gladly takes all of the credit as if they didnt sit in the office and read numbers the whole time.


Starting pay- $7.25
Current pay as a bra specialist- $8.50

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Dec 10, 2011
Sales Associate
Work Dates
Nov 2011 - Dec 2011
Farmington, CT

Before working at Pink, I've had two other retail jobs. When they hired me at PINK I was excited because I love the brand, but after working there for not even a few weeks, I began to realize what a horrible company this is to work for. Not only do they use the call in techniques (which i find inconvenient because you're not able to make plans) but they also change your schedules on you last minute. There are countless times (keep in mind I've only worked there for a little over a month) where PINK has called me the morning of my shift and told me either I don't need to come in, or they want me in there earlier or later. Doesn't sound so bad right? On three separate occasions they have called me less then fifteen minutes before my shift starts to tell me I don't have to come in. Let me share these experiences with you.. The first time PINK called me FIVE minutes before my shift started (of course I'm already at the mall located 20 minutes away from my school) and told me I didn't have to work that day. This, to me, is unacceptable. About a week later, they told me in the morning I needed to come in for my 5oclock call in. I called again two hours before my call in started and made sure that I still needed to come in (they of course said yes). Not even 10 minutes before my shift starts (I'm on the highway almost to the mall) I get a call from PINK telling me that I don't need to come in for my call in anymore. This company is inconsiderate of individual employees. This retail job was not worth my time (and trust me, I don't just hate it because it's a retail job).


$8.44 p/h.

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Jan 5, 2012
Sales Associate
Work Dates
Jan 2006 - Jul 2011
Cincinnati, OH
Work Environment

Strict, cut-throat, disorganized, bureaucratic, unprofessional,


I worked there for 5 years and its the worst place ever. It was all good when I started out but the store soon came to be nothing but clicks...and the main manager is so lazy and does no work. All she cares is about making money. She even illegally sells the products to a woman who sells them on ebay and makes more money than the employees ever would just so she can make money. Its nothing but favorites and they will do their best to set you up and fire you. Pay is horrible and you don't get a good raise or anything. HR kisses butt to the managers and never supports the employees. They never bumped me up and girls starting got to become managers within 3 months because favorites rule.
Im glad Im not with that company anymore.
They would give me an oncall everyday so i could never make plans, and then they would take me off the schedule for 3 months and then put me back on. DO NOT EVER WORK FOR ONE


Only thing good was a discount but its not worth the hassle.

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Jun 20, 2012
beauty sales
Work Dates
Jun 2012 - Jun 2012

Pros- discount.
Cons - getting no hours and treated unfairly.



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Jun 20, 2012
sales department
Work Dates
Jun 2012 - Jun 2012

First off, I would like to say I am an extremely hard working and intelligent individual. I am about to graduate from the most prestigious university Texas has to offer. I am in no way "lazy" or "spoiled". I worked my butt off the first day I worked because I wanted to prove to my managers that Im an excellent worker. My availability hours are from open to close EVERY DAY.
I have been working here for the past month. So far they have only worked me one day in three weeks. I call every other day to see if they need anyone. I have talked to my manager several times about my lack of hours. This proves I am not lazy! They do have their favorites. These managers are so young and are unqualified to hold their position. Everything in my section was unorganized and every drawer was messy. Before my shift was over I fixed everything and was proud of my performance. I'm currently looking for another job because this company stinks. I am an amazing employee who is always friendly and social. There is absolutely no reason why they can't fit me I'm their schedule for at least one day.

Pros- discount.
Cons - getting no hours and treated unfairly.



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Jun 20, 2012
sales department
Work Dates
Jun 2012 - Jun 2012
Work Environment

Fast-paced, disorganized, unprofessional,


First off, I would like to say I am an extremely hard working and intelligent individual. I am about to graduate from the most prestigious university Texas has to offer. I am in no way "lazy" or "spoiled". I worked my butt off the first day I worked because I wanted to prove to my managers that Im an excellent worker. My availability hours are from open to close EVERY DAY.
I have been working here for the past month. So far they have only worked me one day in three weeks. I call every other day to see if they need anyone. I have talked to my manager several times about my lack of hours. This proves I am not lazy! They do have their favorites. These managers are so young and are unqualified to hold their position. Everything in my section was unorganized and every drawer was messy. Before my shift was over I fixed everything and was proud of my performance. I'm currently looking for another job because this company stinks. I am an amazing employee who is always friendly and social. There is absolutely no reason why they can't fit me I'm their schedule for at least one day.

Pros- discount.
Cons - getting no hours and treated unfairly.



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Oct 19, 2012
Beauty Specialist
Work Dates
Oct 2003 - Oct 2012
Newport Beach, CA

I was hired in 2003 as a beauty specialist, and to present day,
have always held that title. The widow of the original owner of the
company was a friend of my moms at one point, so I can tell you I do
know the secret. I have never told anyone the secret as it no longer
has value since its no longer a secret. I gave my allegiance to this
company. After reading this, you can make up your mind why I wrote
this. Prior to working for this company, I worked as a fragrance model
for womens fragrances, and a sales specialist for Macy's and
Nordstroms in women's fragrances. I have been doing this since 1999. I
am also the person that wrote on this blog "A limited liability
corporation acting like a no liability corporation". All those events
happened from 2003 - 2009. In September 2009, I decided to transfer
for a fresh start and more hours from Santa Clara to Newport Beach and
work under a new store manager, district manager, regional manager,
and the same H.R. partner. Rather than doing a inner company transfer,
I drove to Newport Beach with a letter of recommendation from my
district manager and filled out an application. The letter of
recommendation read I was capable of both managing beauty and selling
beauty. I was hired and the store manager agreed to offer me 22 hours
per week. Present day.....All of the managers from October 2009 to
December 2011 are not at my store anymore.
I am going to list some factual events in chronological order up
to when I met with the district manager, then some factual events in
chronological order up to when I spoke to the Director of the General
Counsel (DOGC), ALL FACTS.

1. My beauty manager's phone # was given to a weekly customer that
exports our beauty products by the thousands to the Philippines for
resale.This customer called my beauty manager's cellphone to wish her
a happy birthday, I heard the voicemail. My beauty manager was also
curious how she knew it was her birthday. The exporters have to fill
out a form that records the amount of product, customer information
via id card, etc. The limit was 1000 units. There were times when the
exporter would bring 3 or 4 people to make the purchases since the
exporter had a limit. It wasn't until the latter part of my employment
at this store that we actually started using the form. We no longer
sell to customers that buy by the thousands. This does affect our
numbers, however as a beauty specialist, the logistics have not been
explained from a management perspective as how to make the days plan
compared to last years plan for that day.

2. I received a VS postcard in the mail reading "Great job with beauty
sales, looking forward to giving you your review", signed my beauty

3. Directives were sustained to employees that were ending thier
shift. I stayed 30 minutes past my shift on several occasions.

4. In the month of July 2010, I was receiving 8 hours per week, filing
for unemployment, and I still have not received my review ( reviews
are given in the spring ). After bringing this up to management, I
finally met up with my beauty manager. The review was sitting in her
inbox for months and was written up by a different category manager.
There were 3 things I disagreed with:

* None of the ratings were circled ( 1 being greatly exceeds
expectations, 5 being needs improvement )

* The same repetitive statements were being used towards different
categories on the review.

* I had many disagreements with the review as the category statements
were much lower than my previous reviews.

For the record, my previous review from Santa Clara is officially missing.

5. In August 2010, I transferred to Costa Mesa on the basis that I
would recieve more than 8 hours per week.....turned out to be 4 hours
per week. All the managers at Costa Mesa were unaware as to why I
transferred for more hours, and there was only 4 hours a week left. My
DM received the email I sent to the General Counsel as to the
reduction of hours I was receiving. I decided to transfer back to
Newport Beach from Costa Mesa. The manager that wrote up my review and
told me to transfer to Costa Mesa for more hours told me she was being
transferred out. My DM set up a touchbase between my SM and I in
September to see how I can obtain more hours. My SM's answer was to
put me in processing in the stock room. As a beauty specialist that
sells fragrances and applies make-up, I asked her what my peers were
doing, she did not even answer. I told her I was not interested.

6. In September 2010, I was given a falsified observation written by
my store manager, however she chose my beauty manager to administer
the observation to me at the end of my shift ( 2 hours later when the
store manager went home ). I wrote down on the observation " I
disagree with this observation, and in the future I wish to receive an
observation directly after being observed, and by no one else but the

7. In November 2010, my beauty manager assigned me a task during the
CSL's directive for me to be lead cashier. The task involved being on
the other side of a wall from the cashwrap and would take 10 - 15
minutes, therefore the cashwrap was not in my line of sight. When
there was a customer at the cashwrap, the CSL would get nasty with me
over the walkie talkie as to the customers having to wait to be rung
up. I showed her where I was standing for the task and to show me how
I was to accomplish a task and cashier on the other side of the wall.
From the cashwrap, I saw her reemerge from the other side of the wall
EVERY 3 - 5 seconds with a grin. I asked her if I was supposed to step
aside EVERY 5 seconds to see if there was a customer at the cashwrap.
Her personality then changed from grinning to discouraged telling me
"If I dont want to do it, then dont do it". I said OK, so long as it
was not seen as poor observation by management. Her acknowledgement
was that other employees were multi-tasking and that they were not
complaining. I told her that we should just discuss the issue at hand
and not relate the employees or tasks to my question of the multi-task
I was given to do. I stayed at the cashwrap, the CSL went to the other
side of the wall to retrieve 1 of the bags of lotions and left it at
the cashwrap. She then sent me home because I was next on the list to
cut hours since we were not making plan. For the record, this CSL
called me the day before 2 hours before my shift to tell me the store
was not making plan and I was next on the list to be cut.

I had a meeting with the DM and SM in December of 2010. I brought a
list of my greivances ( over 7 ) I had emailed to the general counsel,
And added the very first factual event that I did not tell anyone in
the company about. The DM refused to sign it, so I asked her to pass
the list on to HR. She viewed most of the points I brought up as
oversights from management. At no time from September 2009 to November
2011 did I have any contact with my old HR partner or new HR partner,
so I can not tell you when the replacement occured as I dont know, nor
can I tell you which of the 2 HR partners was receiving the emails I
sent to the general counsel. At that meeting, I was told the yearly
review I received was legit if my beauty manager agreed to it, all
without her signature. The DM also said she would accomodate my wishes
to have an observation given within a timely manner by the observer.
As for the hours, I was told beauty was selling less and employment
hours were given to other divisions in the store. All of the following
are facts emailed to the DGC ( except #8 ) in chronological order
leading to my conversation with the DGC. At no time did I recieve a
call or email from the DM or DGC.

8. My beauty manager hired an employee from Bath and Body in early
2011 to work in beauty. He had no experience at any aspect of beauty,
not even stock. He did not last long.

9. In April 2011, managers conducted simulated swipes on thier
employees to see how long before or if the employee was aware of the
missing product. 6 Eau de parfums were taken by a CSL while I was
cleaning the beauty bar. Line of sight from where the product was
taken was 0%. I noticed 20 minutes after she took the product and the
total value was $282. I was told to be more aware. So now we had to
put our eyes on ANYONE that walked into our zones. All bagged hits in
beauty occurred while I was not working, and to date there has not
been one while I was zoned beauty.

10. A CSL let one of her friends in after we closed our store.

11. My beauty manager held the guide up at a meeting and told our
employees not to take it seriously.

12. During the summer of 2011, An employee told me she saw our store
manager issue a merchandise credit to a customer for a return, kept
the receipt, and when the customer walked away, she cancelled the
merchandise credit, and ripped up the receipt. The store manager was
in my line of sight, however the other employee was at the cashwrap
next to my store manager. The amount was over $250, all to make her
segment. The employee did not tell anyone else and neither did I until
I sent an email to the DGC at the end of November.

13. In October 2011, When I returned from vacation, my beauty manager
admitted to me she left the store to run after a shoplifter, this is
never suppose to happen. I was then sent home as my shift was being
cut. I called the regional loss prevention manager to see if he knew
about it, he did not and said he would investigate. When I spoke with
HR in November 2011, I was told the investigation was inconclusive as
my beauty manager denied running out of the store. I should also note
I was speaking with my new H.R. partner.

14. In the fall of 2011, We had changed how employees were scheduled,
No one sat down to discuss the new scheduling with me ( new scheduling
based on availability, not skill setting ).

At the end of October 2011, I sent an email to the General Counsel
that read "Dishonest and undeveloped managment at store #406". The
email contained information about when my beauty manager ran out of
the store to chase a shoplifter and when she held up the guide at a
meeting and told everyone not to take it seriously. I was contacted by
my new H.R. partner who was investigating the email. During this
conversation, I asked if I was allowed to tape record the touch base,
citing falsified conversation with DM's ( Santa Clara store ) and
explaining how a SM claimed to have a meeting with me that never
occured ( Santa Clara store ). Her answer was absolutely not, and that
she wanted respect. She said when I have a touchbase with a manager,
the option to call her and have her monitor the meeting was always an

15. In November 2011, there was a day when I was working beauty alone
and was the only one making segments in the whole store. I was told my
shift was being cut because the store was not making its segment.

At the end of November, I noticed 2 of the CSL's I was
complaining about were gone ( at least from our store ), however 2
managers I still complained about were still in the store and things
did not change. I sent an email to the General Counsel reading
"Addendum to Dishonest and undeveloped management at store#406". The
details contained our SM cancelling the customers merchandise credit (
fact#12 ), how my beauty manager went through another CSL's purse, and
how my beauty manager went through a bag I had set in the office in
February labeled District Manager ( the bag had prototype packaging
the DM was going to submit to the company ) . This time, I asked what
evidence was submittable so I can submit to the ethics hotline when
they do ask if I have any evidence. I received a return email the next
day to contact the DGC. Before I discuss the nature of the call, its
important to know the DM was on bereavement and H.R. was working with
the DGC to investigate and resolve the store issues.

The phone call lasted 1 hour on a weekday, and 3 hours on a
Sunday. The first thing I wanted to know was if the letter I asked my
DM to forward to H.R. was received. I was told "my H.R. partner was
transferred to another division and she would have to look into it".
She wanted to collect all the emails I sent to the General Counsel and
we would speak to me on Sunday. She also wanted me to go in that day
so I one of the managers could explain the new scheduling system. That
was the last day I saw my old SM. My prototype car was scratched
several days later, and by depth of the scratch, I can tell it was
done with malice. The scheduling was explained to me by a manager that
transferred to our store towards the end of fall and is still there
today. I learned that our scheduling changed from skill setting to
availability. I explained why I was sent home when I was the only
employee making segment ( fact#15 ). She said because its a bra store.
On Sunday, I asked DGC if she was able to locate the the list I asked
my DM to forward to HR. She told me it was a Sunday and no one was at
headquarters, she said she would have to research that later and get
back to me. We went through all emails dating back to when I worked at
Santa Clara. Here are some points from that conversation:

* I asked the DGC if she could investigate what my skill setting was
at prior to the new scheduling system, she refused to as she thought
it was irrelevant to the situation.
* The DGC told me at any time the company could choose to cut hours
however it deemed necessary.
* The DGC told me it is a do as your told atmosphere.
* If you disagree with a performance evaluation of any kind, you can
not reference a coworker to speak on your behalf.
* The ethics hotline could not comment as to what evidence is
submittable. She could not tell me what kind of evidence is
submittable, and that I would have to check with someone in the
company that knows legalities. She did tell me pictures are
submittable, however cellphones are not allowed on the sales floor.
* The DGC told me not to say anything to anyone in regards to my SM
cancelling the customers merchandise credit ( there is no such thing
as a verbal gag order, it needs to be on paper ).
* The bag left in our managers office that read DM was placed there in
February on the basis that my DM knew who to give it to in the
company, that never evolved. The DGC said she would research the
whereabouts and try to help me have the prototype packaging submitted.
To date, I dont know where the packaging is and if it was submitted.
* An employee once asked "what good is all the information on the
bulliten board in the stock room if its the same group of people
seeing it everyday". I asked the DGC if she thought it would be
important for all employees in the store to be in the know with
company information on the bulliten board in the stock room, she said
no, I told her I disagree because it is history, she agreed with my
* I asked many questions, and many times I received the same answer
"I'm not going to answer that, I'm not going to let you box me in".
* She called me a ranter, based off all the emails I sent saying she
expected an employee with 8 years tenure to know most of the issues
could have been handled in house with the SM. This was after 3 hours
on the phone.
* The DGC was anaware of the phrase "Own your zone", she admitted she
has not worked a day on the sales floor, and that it would be a good
idea so she can have an idea as what its like.
* The DGC did not believe our store in Santa Clara was in violation of
the fire code for such a long time, citing that we have controls in
* The DGC read my file from my old H.R. partner in regards to the
outcome of me calling the fire marshall on the Santa Clara store. It
was falsified. It was written so the company looked good and I looked
bad. Specifically, one of the notations was that I did not assist in
bringing the store back to fire code. I was the only one that cleaned
up the store to bring it up to fire code. I also referenced my RLPM,
he approached me and told me why the DM was fired and that I displayed
good manager skills. He then asked me if I wanted a job in management.
I declined. This information was not in my file and created a 20
second pause on the phone with the DGC.

I went back to work as I started to receive hours in December. My
new H.R. partner set up a phone call between my DM and I in early
December to discuss the past issues. The call took place at work. I
told her that one of the managers had cancelled a merchandise credit
and ripped up the receipt when the customer left, and if she wanted
more information, she would need to reference all emails sent to the
General Counsel. Before the call ended, I asked her if I was eligable
to receive the $50 reward loss prevention offers. She said she would
look into it and get back to me. She also wanted to know why I did not
contact her during the year amongst all the issues. I told her I left
2 messages over the summer, one on her voicemail and one with an
employee. She claims to never receiving the messages. I then asked her
for her email.

The DM never got back to me in regards to the reward. I decided to
call the RLPM a week and a half later. He did not even know my store
manager was fired. He then said the company has to take a loss.

* On a seperate note, I called the shrink hotline on a csl at the
Santa Clara store in 2004 to report she had taken a fragrance out of
the box and put it in her pocket during a simulated swipe. I called a
couple months after. She was gone the next day and I did not recieve a
* Per H.R., 99% of all calls to H.R. go to voicemail.
* 100% of all calls to the shrink hotline are answered.
* The $50 reward LP pays out for tips leading to the termination of an
employee has doubled to $100.

Fast forward to today. My old beauty manager applied for the same
position for our newly expanded store, she did not get it and
transferred to a Santa Ana store in July. Before I left on vacation in
August, I was told by the SM that told me "its a bra store" that I
would have hours after our newly remodeled store opened in late
August. That is not the case coming back from vacation. The hours go
to my new beauty manager, a new hire, and the employee that told me
and only me about the SM cancelling the customers merchandise credit (
she is also in AIM ). All employees have 3 years or less with the
company. I have an open availability everyday from midnight to 9:00pm,
and I have no hours. I signed up for unemployment yesterday, the 4th
time in this company. I am going to close with the following email
sent to the general counsel on Sept 22, 2012 and 2 more facts within
the Victorias Secret world.

The purpose of this email is to inform you of defective controls
at our store pertaining to the fire code. The Director of the General
Counsel assured me that there were controls in place to conform with
the fire code. That is not the case at my store. Our staff moved to a
temporary spot in the mall while our store would begin a remodel on
May 15th of this year. Ask any ups delivery worker, a third party
vendor ( owner of casey's cupcakes ), Or any of our employees that
worked there from May 15th to a week before semi-annual sale ended,
and they will all draw the same mental picture ( my new beauty manager
was not in our store yet ). I have replied to you in the past about
the same at a different store, this time around is worth your time to
investigate how much worse this was and that Southern Califiornia has
had many earthquakes in the past month..

I find the managers hard to trust. For example, In July I asked
our new SM if the models were coming to the grand opening of our newly
remodeled store . She said yes and that they would be in thier
swimsuits. I told associates this as well as customers. I have
returned from vacation and today was my call-in. At work I found out
that we did not have models.

I also question why earlier this year CSL told me that my I-9 was
missing and that she needed 2 forms of picture ID to make copies. I
complied with a newly issued ID and a passport. Explain.

I have not received a response on this email. I also find myself
liable, if anything happens to my employees and we are out of code, it
can be proven that I knew this company did not follow the fire code,
and I did nothing about it.

To the CEO: If you have no idea what is going on in your company from
top to bottom, you are 100% liable.

Food for thought,

* Our Owner/CEO donated $250,000 to the Romney campaign in July 2012.
* In August 2012, Zephyr Hosiery sued our company for fraudulent
advertising and breach of contract. This company used to be our


Starting wage 9.00
Ending Wage 10.91

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Nov 18, 2012
sales associate
Work Dates
Dec 2011 - Dec 2011
Work Environment

Hierarchical, cut-throat, unprofessional,


I have to say, I used to L O V E my job. Before I got a whole new set of managers and coworkers I loved it! I would suggest it to anyone to work here if you have the right staff.. but if not then you're screwed.
But this store has really gone downhill with their managers. The managers constantly talk down to associates, aren't supportive at all, and make up excuses for conflicts that are occurring. Excuse me if I'm wrong but aren't we supposed to be a team? This store wouldn't be operating without us all putting in team effort? Then why is it only associates that work by these rules? As for that bull**** contract that you sign in your on boarding for harassment? Yep their not going to do anything if you're being harassed. I was harassed for 4 months by my entire department all for not being able to take someones shift, and it wasn't just at work it was over Facebook as well... I brought it up to multiple managers and did they do anything about it? NOPE. Even one manager told me that it was MY fault. Please lord, explain how not taking a shift is reason enough for making someone dread going to work day after day. I am a hard worker, I work more hours than they even schedule me for... whenever they call and ask me to come in I'm there... and they can't even support a loyal associate and give those workers a warning?
Victorias Secret really needs to watch who they hire and watch how their stores are being run because managers with negative attitudes and no morals ultimately cause their associates to have even worse attitudes because of the way that we are being treated, and how are we supposed to help customers that way?
And BTW... The only way you're going to get a promotion is if you kiss ass. It has nothing at all to do with your work ethic or how much hard work or time you put into the store. (And may I say even if you do "kiss ass" you're not definitely going to get that promotion you're hoping for) I had a newly promoted supervisor tell me that she "didn't care" when we were getting ready for a huge store visit.. so I had to stay late and fix all of her mistakes that she made (and knew she was making). This job makes you feel like you're a slave.


Starting 8.20
Current 9.00
Gratis': $10-15 bra's, free mists, 30% discount, 50% if you work in the pink store and have to wear pink as your dress code

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Dec 7, 2012
Sales Associate
Work Dates
Dec 2011 - Dec 2012
St.Paul, MN

I would not recommend any of my friends to work with VS its too stressful. The category managers come up with unrealistic goals us "associates" have to have not to mention they watch you like a HAWK making sure you get to EVERY SINGLE CUSTOMER and if you don't they yell at you. One time a got yelled at for wear a dark gray tank top under my black attire and was sent home because of it. Another time i got yelled at for not wearing enough make up. THis company in unreal and needs to re-do their whole company policies.


Salary: 8.40/h

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Oct 24, 2014
Sales Associate
Work Dates
Feb 2014 - Oct 2014
Honolulu, HI
Work Environment

Strict, cut-throat, competitive, fast-paced, disorganized,


Working in such a large store was quite an experience. Most of the managers were nice but others were cruel. They care nothing about your physical wellbeing, and only care about money. The managers constantly walk around bugging you about how much your bringing in and "why aren't you bringing in more". They try to make it seem like they are "supporting" you but in reality you know they are just criticizing you. When giving write-ups they are unclear and just hand you a paper later letting you know that you were written up twice. Probably ruined my shopping experience there from now on because I have learned that all the employees really care about it having their name on the transaction and not really about "making it a memorable experience" which is what the company loves to brand themselves upon.

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